Frequently Asked Questions

what requirements do you have to meet in order to rent the clinic?

To rent the clinic you do not need to have any special training or permission. You can rent the space even if you do not need the equipment which are provided here. For example, if you bring your own products or equipment, for presentations, workshops, etc.

I just want to test the devices before use/buy

MY DAILY CLINIC offers the possibility for medical professionals in case they want to test the equipment, before they could buy it. Since we work closely with Fotona Switzerland, there is the possibility to get advice about the devices on site. If you decide to rent the clinic and therefore the laser equipment for test treatments, you can ask for additional assistance. In this way, you will be supported by professional staff at every step.

I would use the location for workshops and trainings

No problem! If you are searching for a place on daily basis to organize workshops and trainings, you`re on the right place!

In MY DAILY CLINIC is everything given for a succesfull event like a  workshop or a training!

Only 5 minutes from the highway with view to the beautiful Lake Zurich, a fully equipped practice with medical chair in a spacious room (64 m2) are waiting for you & your guests!

what education is required to use the equipment?

In order to be allowed to operate the equipment, especially the Fotona laser systems, you are required to have a medical education as a dermatologist, medical practice assistant, aesthetician, general medical practitioner and other medical education.

How much it costs to rent the clinic?

The prices of the rent are very simple and including all material and usage of the devices. For more information and personal consultation contact us under our contact formular!

Can I Ask You for Advice?

Everytime! If you are feeling unsafe in using the devices, you can book a workshop for yourself or assistant for the whole renting time.

Can i check the renting permit?

The renting permit will be sent to you after you contacted us via phone, E-Mail or via our contact formular.

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